Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meaning and definition of success

The meaning of Success comes in many forms, and many definitions. It depends on what you are searching for in life, and searching for in business. Athletes may have one definition of Success, and a stay at home mom may have another. A musician may see Success as a number one hit, and a Doctor may see Success as a surgery that went well. It really depends on the perspective of life you have. Perspectives on Success are as numerous as the stars.

But we need to start narrowing down an understanding of Success:

There is a difference between Accomplishment, Success, and True Success.

Lets' explore this briefly.

Accomplishment is where you have engaged in the task or action that you attempted, and have obtained the desired results. It is a based on what was expected, and what results were done. This is a daily happening in the world and marketplace. People accomplish things all day long, but really achieve no Success in those actions.

Success is something different.

Success to most people is when you have an ongoing string of accomplshments that when put together, add up to a major obtainment in life known as Success. The addition of all the accomplishments in a person's career or life can be viewed as Success in their life and business.

Success then is an ongoing realization and obtainment of worthy desired results, concerning actions, life, business, wealth, or a worthy ideal.

True success

True Success is simply the realization and obtainment of a worthy ideal or result that your heart is deeply connected to it.

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Vivek Anjan Shrivastava

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