Monday, August 17, 2009

Mantras for Success

A lot depends on one’s fate is what most of us believe. Well one cannot altogether undermine this but what ever is in our hands is most of the time underplayed. If we perform well at our end then probably we would always be traveling on the road to success.

Five vital ingredients make the recipe of success. These are as follows

Decision making; Planning; Discipline; Consistency; Determination.

Decision Making :


Simply put it every act of your’s bears some result i.e. has its own prospects and consequence. And you act because you decide to do so. You end up burning your finger if you put your hand in fire. Thus this would be a bad consequence of decision making. This is a very natural phenomenon and is applicable every where. A wrong decision of your’s is never going to bring you the right results.

Most of the failures we meet in life because of some wrong decision attached with that effort at some place or the other.

Now suppose you end up opting science as an optional stream despite of your lack of interest, because of some reasons, you may end up managing to clear your 12th exam but you won’t be able to perform better elsewhere.

Now when such situation arises at a tender age then it duly becomes the responsibility of the teachers and the parents to play vital role in the decision making process of the child.

Planning :

This is another crucial variable that plays a vital role in any successful endeavour. For lack of immaculate planning one usually comes across the unexpected results and happenings. This is not so to say that any planned work or effort does not fail but if well planned then definitely the damage is not that great. For e.g. if an aspirant sets out to prepare for the IIT/JEE exam at the right time with good planning and he is unable to secure good rank in the exam he stands the chances of doing well in the other similar exams.

Besides reducing the damage good planning also saves lots of resources. Time and money to a great extent can be saved by good planning. For e.g. in all probability if you plan well before preparing for any exam the chances of success are quite high. Thus success in one attempt saves your time spend for preparing for the second attempt.

Discipline :

All your effort can go in vain if you lack discipline in life. Not only your effort but you end up as a failure in life. We can also label it as the mother of all virtues. For e.g. if you decide on to become a doctor and start your preparation with good planning but you are not disciplined enough to put in the required number hours to study then probably all your effort may crumble in a short span of time.

Consistency :

This is another variable that should find a place in ones personality necessarily. All your activities that form part of your plan or the road to success need to perform consistently in order to achieve the desired results. For e.g. if your planning says you need to put in five hours to your studies daily then missing out couple of days to that end means that your decision making, planning and discipline are at a receiving end.

Determination :

Undoubtedly a virtue that has made heroes, immortals, legends and kings. The saga of Buddha to Jesus, Alexander to Mahatma Gandhi including the likes of Einstein and Newton stood tall for nothing other than there towering determination to achieve what they wanted at all cost. It won’t be wrong to say that determination is the carrier of success.


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