Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to Improve work culture?

Work culture plays an important role in organization success. Hard times push organization to the limit where its culture stands in motivating to survive. Many organizations in India are facing tuff time managing their employee and operations as because of culture not so conducive for changes and flexibility. There are some of the pointers which will help to improve work culture:

1.      Say “thank you” often, and sincerely, face-to-face.

2.      Publicly acknowledge hard work and initiative on the company bulletin board, in the newsletter, during meetings and at company social events.

3.      Offer the option for arriving an hour late on Monday mornings or leaving an hour early on Friday afternoons when possible.

4.      Give bonuses for meeting company financial goals (e.g. money, parties, a trip, etc.). Or, offer time off to an employee who has made a difference.

5.      Acknowledge special events (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries of time employed, accomplishments, etc.) either through cards, company newsletters or meetings.

6.      Administer quarterly reviews and encourage and/or require employees to provide a self-evaluation.

7.      Take time to meet with employees one at a time.

8.      Encourage a sense of ownership in work.

9.      Involve employees in decisions, especially those that will directly affect them, and the quality progress of the company.

10.  Encourage employees to participate in community service programs. Possibly provide incentives for their involvement.


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