Friday, November 19, 2010

A person in power and responsibility

A person in power and responsibility must use his influence to enrich the lives of those who are the most deserving.
 Nepotism and favoritism should be avoided because they are antithesis to a life of morality.
 Man in power has to be sensitive enough to hear the subtle voice of conscience.
 The indication of his conscience should guide his way of life.
 He must be Idealistic and must have all conscious considerations before implementing a decision.
 Power comes with enormous responsibilities. A person who discharges his responsibilities in conformity with moral principles
becomes an invincible life force for the humanity. The life of Mahatma Gandhi is a beacon light to such high standards of human existence.
What does our political leaders and bureaucrats do? Don't their hearts bleed at the sight of the poverty and wretchedness of life?
 Why do they turn a deaf ear when the deprived mass cry with empty stomach and heart full of grievances? Is it not their moral responsibility
to endeavor honestly to sort out the problems of the common mass who have reposed their faith on the legislature and bureaucracy?
The irony is that a person in power often goes into a deep slumber in his air-conditioned cosy chamber.
And the high hopes of the deprived mass dash to the grounds.

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