Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ways To Start e-Commerce Business

Ways To Start e-Commerce Business Using Open Source e-Commerce Solutions

Do you know there are free ways to start an ecommerce business ? Yes, we have the open source ecommerce solution providers. There are a great open source ecommerce solution provider who helps you to start your own ecommerce business free of cost. They will provide you the platform (the source code) which builds the skeleton of your ecommerce website. You have to simply integrate the ecommerce source code and build your ecommerce store over it.

Though its not a simple task but in reality you will get free platform to build your ecommerce store, that’s great right? Lets see some of the free open source ecommerce solution providers which gives you the way to start your own ecommerce business. Basically, these are free tools released under GNU General Public License.

§ osCommerce Solutions is one of the famous open source online shop ecommerce platform. It provides you the online shopping cart functionality that helps you to setup, run and easily maintain your online store. See this Live Shops Directory which has the existing online stores powered by osCommerce platform. Its a PHP based ecommerce solution.

§ Magentocommerce is a feature rich ecommerce platform which not only provides the functional features but also gives the options to select the built-in themes. You could customize the look n feel of your ecommerce store. See the FAQ page & the store demo for more information about Magento. Also, it has the catalog management tools.

§ Fishcart, one of the oldest ecommerce solution provider which has variety of features supporting MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL etc backend databases. Also, fishcart has add-on’s which provides you to customize the features required for your ecommerce store. It helps to build multi-language pages and shows better statistics. Again, this platform is developed using PHP based source code. See the Fishcart features for more information about this platform.

§ Prestashop, is a professional ecommerce shopping cart software which is specially designed with web 2.0 features. It has the features classified as Front Office (on page features) & Back Office (admin features). See the feature page for more information and also the prestashop user guide to understand how it works.

If you have a dream to start your own ecommerce business online then you should try out these open source solutions. Because its cost effective and free to use. In the beginning stage of your business, you could use these kind of open source platforms and later decide based on the results. Buy a domain for your self and integrate any of these free ecommerce solutions, you own ecommerce store is UP !



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